Underground Art, Inc. was conceived in 1992 and birthed February 1st, 1993 by Angela Russell and David Evans, with a little help from friends. We went on to be voted one of Memphis' best tattoo and piercing studios for…damn, we've lost count…but it's well over 14 years and counting. We are a woman owned, diversity loving, vegan friendly, community building, book loving, dirty joke telling group of artists and staff. We have featured and continue to feature guest tattooists from all over the globe!

Our studio is open Tuesday through Saturday 3pm-10pm. We do tattoos primarily by appointment, we do take walk ins when time is available. We do not schedule appointments via the internet or over the phone. PLEASE call the studio to find out how to go about making an appointment. Our friendly and helpful staff is standing by to walk you through the process.

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Take a moment to peruse our portfolios. . Check the site frequently for news of upcoming guests and events. We are always up to something around here

We DO NOT field tattoo questions, give quotes or make appointments online, please call the studio for information on our tattoo appointment process. We know we just said that, but it clearly bears repeating. Thanks for your time and consideration!!

Wow, time really does fly!

If you are participating in the shopping part of the holidays, please spend your dollars with independent, local businesses. Use us, or lose us!

Speaking of small business (shameless self promotion following); we have gift certificates available, in the denomination of your choice! Give them a gift they can't quickly forget!!

We are still so excited to have Jose Quinonez joining the Underground Art Family!!! This guy's tattoos are simply stunning! Cases in point:

He will be a perfect complement to our artistic lineup, and now on the days that he's in the studio, we can finally say :

With this expanded lineup, we anticipate the expansion of our hours. In the not too distant future, we will be open on Sundays!!!! Yes, Sundays!!! We are also wholly jazzed to welcome the return of piercer and suspension guru, Chris Pixie Smith!!! Chris will be working Sundays and filling in here and there for Sarah! We missed her terribly! So, soon…very soon you can get tattooed on the lord's day! Nothing says sacred like the beauty of tattoos and body modifications (and we mean that).

Here's some more big news:

From this day forward; David Evans, Jake Meeks and Vanessa Waites will be implementing a 2 hour ($250) minimum per session, in an effort to focus on larger, custom tattoos. Their hourly rates ($125/hr) will remain unchanged.

We do not mean to discourage ANYONE from coming in for smaller tattoos. We have other, super fantastic artists that are happy, willing and able to meet our clients tiny-smallish tattoo needs. We know that every tattoo is incredibly important to the client getting it, regardless of size, trendiness, degree of difficulty...each tattoo is special to its collector. Jake, David and Vanessa's decision does not speak in any way to small tattoos or simple tattoos or trendy tattoos; it is merely an artistic choice they're able to make, given their respective experience and level of tattoo artistry.

Know that after years and years of hard work, lots of art school, tons of drawing and in David's case alone, over 13,000 hours of tattooing; these 3 artists are at points in their respective careers where they finally get to choose the tattoos they do!! They've paid their dues in blood (literally), sweat (often) and tears (there is actually some crying in tattoos, oddly enough).

They are badasses, each and every one!!!

They are metaphorical black belts of tattooing!!! Congratulations to them all!!!

In case you've also been caught unawares, we've gotten a shipment of these awesome shirts! If you have to ask what this is about, you are not Memphis as F*CK; but we'd be more than happy to guide you through the induction process! Before he put on this shirt, this guy was just your average Tim. After the shirt, and his muscles have muscles, oh…and since he's gotten this shirt, he's also become a world record goal keeper!!! Imagine what one of these could do for you!!!

For those soccer, football, tattoo, talent, muscle, hot guy enthusiasts out there…we bring you this guy. Oh, and Tim Howard! Also in news, Jake Meeks and David Evans have started up a Youtube Channel; Fireside Tats. It's a tattoo education podcast, full of great information for potential, new and veteran tattooists alike. Tune in for all the tattoo wisdom and wit you can handle. Oh, and the name is a play on Fireside Chats, some of you may be too young to get the reference. Underground Art does not condone the use of the word tat or tats in any other circumstance. That being said, check them out:

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