Here is a small album of our nearest and dearest. Check back often.

Vanessa...making this look hot!

Wexler, Josh Wexler...

Den, our favorite gay cowboy.

Jody, one big star...and his dog.

Jon Sledge, swoon!

Angela's hot ass husband, Cristofir!

Cameron, dapper as fuck!

Turner, performance artist, actor, activist!

Quintin and his good witch

This is Mami's family, and our adopted Japanese family.

Jake explains how babies are made.

Alex and Shannon. Alex is mad at you.

Gus and Meredith sitting in a clam.

Clyde and his trusty Peacemaker.

Alexus, and the two sweetest dogs in the world.

Winston as a grown-ass dog, man.

Vanessa practices on a sheet of fake skin.

Fine-ass Tinika, as photographed by Clyde.

Tim Biedron.

Lance Talon and Tim Homan.


Michele in Richmond.

Randy and Victim.

Renee in the ATL.

(the real) Prince Bobo and Felisha Rashad.

If you can get past this badass hat, check out the daisy dukes.

Joel, Dwayne, and Angela.

Otto, you are missed.

Winston and Otto guard the porch.

Mami on wedding day.

Mami and Josh on wedding day.

Last supper.

Joel just stole this bike and made some kid cry.


David, James, and Angela.

There's a whole lot of hotness in this photo.

Guy and Dimitri.


Dimitri and Lorenzen Wright.

Dimitri and Willie and a tractor.

This is what love looks like.

Chris Davidson and Devon.

John-John, David, and Joseph.

Meet me at Cielo's, it's about to go down.

Bernard and Ben.

More Neil.


David tattoos Laurel.